What makes an escort high class

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What makes an escort high class or not high class can depend where she works, her prices and whether clients feel she is worth the high amount of money. Any escort can call herself a high-class escort but if clients don’t pay her the amount she is asking then technically she isn’t one.

Compared to prostitutes who only service the physical sexual needs, an escort services a man’s mental needs as well as sexual services. Therefore, there are many extra services that a high-class escort must offer to be a high-class escort. For a high-class escort communication is as vitally important as a sexual service. Therefore, a high-class escort must be educated, preferably well educated. An escort who is highly intelligent will appeal to more clients who are looking for a high-class escort. High-class escorts usually become international escorts so speaking a foreign language or more is an advantage. High class escorts are afforded by top businessmen and celebrities, basically the wealthier men in the world. These men are usually well educated themselves, so a high-class escort must be able to communicate with them from business to politics, trivia to history, the news to psychology. If a client starts a conversation on a subject, the escort will not be considered high class if she cannot add her educated opinion.

Everything is Luxury in the world of high-class escorts! When a wealthy client pays for a high-class escort, she will expect him to pay for everything in luxury form. A high-class escort will expect, on top of her large amount of money for time and companionship, first class plane seats, five-star hotels and top gourmet dinners. A high-class escort needs to be treated like a queen and in return she will treat her clients like a king. She will be expected to accompany the client on business trips or social gatherings with the elite, so she must know how to behave appropriately in public. At no time, will a high-class escort be dressed like a stereotypical hooker. She will be dressed conservatively for the occasion, so she blends in with the other female guests and only her natural beauty will stand out. An escort who embarrasses the client or who cannot behave, and dress appropriately is not classed as a high-class escort. It is likely that the client would not book her again. If you could imagine a top business meeting over dinner and the escort is drinking too much and talking nonsense, it reflects badly onto the client! Being a high-class escort is a very difficult job because she literally must be perfectly perfect in every way. “Perfectly perfect”, a bit like Mary Poppins without the flying with umbrellas!

A high-class escort will be expected to be allowed her own private time, during her duration with the client. This private time is to ensure she is looking perfect for the client. Time must be allowed for the high-class escort to attend the gym to maintain her figure and physique. During the booking, the high-class escort must be allowed time to go to the hairdressers or be allowed time to do her own hair in styles. The difference between high class escorts and not high-class escorts is that a high-class escort must be allowed her beauty sleep! She cannot look good, if she has bags under her eyes from lack of sleep.

Many people have seen the classic film “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. If you haven’t, a top businessman turns a street girl into a high-class escort. Of course, this is just the movies and it is very unlikely a top businessman would book a low-class escort and treat her like a high-class escort. The fact is, during their appointment together at the polo match with horses, dressed appropriately, she blends in with the other female guests. The only reason his business partner found out she was an escort, is because Richard Gere’s character told him so.

A high-class escort cannot just be any female who decides one day that she will become one. The foundation to becoming a high-class escort is education. If you haven’t been well educated, it’s unlikely you will make the criteria to become a high-class escort later on in life. A high-class escort must then have all the natural attributes to entertain high class clientele. Although there is more emphasis on personality and education for a high-class escort, in comparison to sexual activities, her appearance must be impeccable.

Taking all of the above into consideration, high class escorts should not be frowned upon by the general public, because high class escorts are the perfection of the female species.