Popular escorts

Popular escorts

The reason why some escorts are more popular than others is initially due to the visual appearance of an escort. An escort who looks appealing to a client from a photo usually gets “looked at” first. However, the stereotypical slim, tall, big breasts, long blonde hair escort that looks like a model is only looked at first, if that is the “type” of escort a client prefers.

A new escort to the escort industry can be very popular, because clients very often like to see a variety of escorts. Some clients, no matter how fantastic an escort is, won’t necessarily book them again. They are always looking for a different escort. A new escort who is put on an escort agencies website will usually be fully booked, but it takes a lot of hard work from the escort to keep a client as a regular. Many escorts “burn themselves out” because they have the attitude that a client will always return. They don’t realise until it’s too late that their work has dried up.

Although the appearance of an escort and being a new escort makes an escort initially popular, a client will then look at a girl’s services that she offers. Generally, an escort who doesn’t offer a “G.F.E”, or “Girl Friend Experience”, will not be booked by a client. A Girlfriend Experience is where an escort will kiss and cuddle and be very friendly and intimate with the client. Just like a Girlfriend would be. Without a Girl Friend Experience, escorts appear to be cold and uninterested in the client. “O.W.O” known as oral without is considered to be a very important part of foreplay for men with an escort, so escorts who do not offer this service are not as popular. The more services an escort can offer, the more popular she will be because she will appeal to a larger audience of men. An escort that can offer services within the niche market will also pick up these few clients.

An independent who does not answer her own phone in a polite, friendly and helpful manner will probably not get the booking made. And a popular escort whose bookings are made by a bad escort agency will most likely be avoided.

And then, there are client reviews and feedback which are taken very seriously and can make some escorts more popular than others. An escort may look perfect in the eyes of a client, she may offer every service he requires, but if the reviews and feedback suggest she was disinterested and not friendly then a client will not book her.

So far, the above reasons are why some escorts are more popular than others at first, without the clients ever meeting them! There is also some regional differences as to what escorts are most popular. For example https://foxygirls.co.uk/york-escorts/ York escorts are popular because they are known to be much more foxy girls.

When a client actually meets and visits an escort, this will be the deciding factor as to why some escorts are more popular than others. First impressions count with an escort! An escort who arrives with the appearance of not making an effort in her clothes, makeup, nails and perfume will not get a good response from a client. You do not have to be a super model with designer clothes to be an escort, but a client can tell if an effort has been made by the escort in her appearance! Equally a girl who does not offer the services that she said she would offer will be deemed as dishonest. An escort who arrives late to a client, without warning, will be deemed as un reliable. But also, an escort who is not friendly and accommodating, who doesn’t make conversation or listen will not be popular with the clients. This has the knock-on effect as mentioned earlier, with regards to a bad review and will prevent other men from booking her.

So, to sum everything up, the reason why some escorts are more popular than others is that they are a “Full package”! An overall balance in her appearance, personality and performance as an escort. The most popular escorts are seen as professional entertainers for men, who work hard to make an effort in everything they do. Even an escort who is not the most beautiful visually, will compensate in her performance and personality. These popular escorts, who take their job seriously, realise that pleasing a man isn’t just about turning up for an appointment and opening their legs.