Advantages of working at an escort agency

working at an escort agency

The very first and most important advantage of working with a Birmingham escort agency is the safety factor! An escort agency will verify an escorts client before the appointment, to ensure that the client is not booking for a criminal ulterior motive. An escort agency, once a confirmed booking has begun, will know the exact whereabouts of their agency escort. Whether they are en route in the car, at the escort agencies incall premises, at the address of the client or in a hotel room. An escort agency will know what time she arrives at the appointment, who she is with, where she is with and what time she is due to leave. Escort agencies also usually have verified security drivers to assist an escort if she felt threatened, concerned or scared. From an escort’s perspective, having a chauffeur to take and return her to an appointment, knowing he is not far away whilst the appointment takes place, is a big reassurance. All of the above is particularly important to new escorts who have no experience. It is recommended that an escort who is new to the adult industry should join a reputable escort agency who can help and guide her, should any concerns arise.

If you are a girl who likes to spend her money “living for the moment” the chances are that the advantages of working for an escort agency will be beneficial to you. The advantages of working for an escort agency is that there are no financial business startup costs or monthly bills to pay that are associated with owning your own business. An escort agency will have everything in place to ensure you get work immediately, so all you have to do is turn up wearing your “Sunday best”. An escort agency will already have a website which they have paid for and is maintained, so they can add your photos to the gallery page of their website for work exposure at no expense to you. Likewise, an escort agency will pay for all the advertising. From the small amount of commission paid by many different escorts, an escort agency can pay for wide spread advertising to ensure clients come and look at the website. In comparison, an independent escort could not afford this large and widespread advertising campaign, so her website is not as visible an escort agency’s. An escort agency will pay all the phone bill to contact yourself and the clients, if needed. And a very important business over head, if you wish to offer incalls, is a premises or accommodation to work from. An escort agency will provide accommodation for their escorts who work with them.  In particular this decent escort agency has a lot of work for their escorts in Birmingham. So, an advantage of working with an escort agency is that they provide a safe and clean place to work from an no extra cost to you. There is no administration or clerical work to keep your work and money coming in as an escort agency handles all of this for you. Regular clients of the agency are already waiting to book you as opposed to an independent escort who has to find all of her own clients and then make her own bookings. Don’t have to answer your own phones, saves personal time. Your personal life can be more private, by not answering or avoiding calls when you are out with friends and family. Therefore, your personal time is not affected by your work.

With the confidentiality, discretion, secretiveness of being an escort, there can be a lonely side to the industry. When you are a member of the escort agency team it is possible to make other escort friends. Advantages of working with an escort agency is that you can share you experiences or problems, whether they are work related or personal, with other members of the escort agency. Other escorts within the agency, the escort agency owners, the security drivers and any person who is responsible for answering the phones and making the bookings, can all be possible candidates to become your friend.